How to Pick the Best Body Wash for Your Skin Type

Body washes are a great way to suds up and get clean but did you know that some body washes have additional benefits, too? There are two basic types of formulas, so lets take a look and see what body wash is best for your skin! Shower GelsThese formulas are usually clear, brightly colored and labeled as either body wash […]

Benefits of Bathing Soaps

Cleans the skin Cleaning the skin is the major function of bathing soaps. Soap contains emulsifying agents which help in the removal of dirt and oil from the skin. Every person wants a clean and healthy skin. Soaps are anti-bacterial Soaps contain some specific anti-bacterial constituents which help it to kill the bacteria and prevents bacteria reproduction on the skin. […]

How Is Hand Sanitizer Most Effectively Used?

It’s important you use hand sanitizer properly to ensure it does the job it’s meant to do – get rid of germs before they are able to spread: Don’t Use Hand Sanitizer if Your Hands are Dirty: Hand sanitizers are not meant to clean your hands. They’re meant to disinfect Residue like oil or dirt will prevent hand sanitizers from penetrating down to your […]


Entrances and exits. A single doorknob could potentially be the cause of a widespread illness in the workplace. In fact, new research showed that a within two to four hours, a virus placed on a doorknob was picked up by 40 to 60 percent of workers and visitors within the facility[9]. In addition to frequently disinfecting doorknobs, light switches and other high-touch […]